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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for your band to set up?

If we are performing as a three piece band, it generally takes us around 10-15 minutes to set up after we have fully unloaded from our vehicle, providing the venue is easy to access.

Do you take song requests?

Absolutely! We have listed a portion of the type of songs we regularly play on our home page, but we actually have hundreds of songs in our repertoire that we did not list, so there's a good chance of us knowing a requested song. We are also able to learn and play new songs at your request with enough notice and in some cases at past events we were able to learn and play new songs on the spot.

Where are you based and where do you travel?

We are based in London and we travel all across the UK. We regularly travel to places such as Bournemouth, Oxford, Reading, Bristol, Chichester, Southampton, Tonbridge, Portsmouth, Brighton, Ipswich, the list goes on! In general, we would travel anywhere in the country with enough notice.

Can you provide an iPod / DJ service between your sets?

Yes! iPod music during our breaks is fully provided along with our own PA system at no extra cost. A full DJ service will also be available soon.

Do you require power?

Generally speaking, power would be preferred, but not a necessity. We always come with our own extension lead.

Can you walk around while you play / play as a roaming band?

Yes we can perform as a "pan-around-neck" band, but please let us know in advanced if you would like this service and keep in mind there will be an extra cost.

What sort of events do you play at?

We regularly play at events such as weddings, birthdays, private parties, festivals, funerals, anniversaries, community events, corporate events etc. We specialise in a variety of private and public functions.

How many of you are there and how many pan musicians can I book?

There are around 10 members in our band currently and growing. This band is quite new but most of our members have been playing pan for many years from other bands. We usually perform as a steel pan trio / three piece band, however, we can perform anywhere from a soloist all the way up to as many members that are available.

Do you make / tune / sell your own steelpans?

We do not make, tune or sell our pans. We regularly go to pan tuners who also sell pans but are not part of the band.

How do I make an enquiry or book the band / what are your fees?

There is a "Contact Us" section where you can fill out a form. Alternatively, you could send us an email or call us. Our fees are based on the date and time of the event and what your needs are, e.g. how many musicians you want to book, where your location is, the duration of our performance, any special requests, etc, so for an accurate quote, please contact us with all the information regarding the event.

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